Revar Cine 4x5.65 Clear Optical Flat - Revar Cine

Revar Cine 4x5.65 Clear Optical Flat

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Made in the USA

The Revar Cine 4x5.65 Clear is a premium clear filter for protection of your lenses and other filters. Compatible with all 4x5.65 matte boxes and filter holders including Bright Tangerine, Arri, Tilta, Chrosziel, Wooden Camera and many others.

This low cost optical flat is made from the highest quality Schott B270 glass for resolution that exceeds 300 lp/mm far beyond any optical or camera system used in motion picture. 

Protect your glass without breaking the bank!


  • Schott B270 glass
  • Precision lap and polish
  • Low cost


    • Fits all 4x5.65 matte boxes and filter trays

    Trusted Quality

    The Revar Cine products have been purchased by 1000's of satisfied cinematographers and are trusted by the world's largest cinema equipment rental companies and dealers.