Revar Cine 162mm Unmounted Circular Polarizer

Revar Cine 162mm Unmounted Circular Polarizer

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Made in the USA

The Revar Cine 162mm Circular Polarizer is a premium polarizer made from Schott B270 glass with a broad band anti-reflective coating. Designed specifically to fit the 6.6x6.6/162mm Rota-Tray geared filter tray.


  • Schott B270 glass
  • High transmission broad band anti-reflective coating
  • Premium polarization foil


    • Fits Revar Cine 6.6x6.6/162mm Rota-Tray

    Trusted Quality

    The Revar Cine products have been purchased by 1000's of satisfied cinematographers and are trusted by the world's largest cinema equipment rental companies and dealers.