138mm/4.5" Circular Polarizer Pola+ for Matte Boxes

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Style: 138mm Circular Polarizer
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Ewan Sadler

Great service from Revar. Quick delivery to uk

Joseph Picard
slick rotation frame

Works really well with a motor or a finger.

Evan Butka
Best Rota Pola on the Market

I wish I would have bought this sooner. For a while I was using a screw on Rota Pola, then upgraded to a different 4x5.65 tray Rota Pola. It worked - but was just ok. It worked but it cooled the image overall. I've switched from that one to this Revar Cine Rota Pola and its so much better! It has a much better throw for polarization and the dual wheels are nice. Don't settle for a budget friendly version. This is worth it!

138mm/4.5" Circular Pola+

Built To Last

High quality anodized aluminum ring 

Premium Circular Polarizer

Military spec polarizer with efficiency and coatings well beyond any other polarizer available

Industry Standard

This 138mm or 4.5" Circular Polarizer fits all common industry standard matte boxes including Bright Tangerine, Arri, Chrosziel and many more.

This Side Out

Easy orientation markings to ensure you place the filter correctly in the matte box everytime.

The Revar Cine Circular Pola+ is designed and manufactured in the USA from aircraft grade aluminum to fit matte boxes with 138mm filter holder on the market today. 

Industry Standard

Drop the 138mm Circular Pola+ into your matte box to rotate the polarizer.

Premium Quality Polarizer

We use premium quality military spec polarizers with the highest efficiency and anti reflective coating. Performance beyond common Polarizers such as the Schneider True-Pol or Tiffen Ultra Pol. 

Upgrade to Variable ND

We offer a color matched Linear Pol MC to create a neutral 2-8 stop variable ND filter.

Matte Box Compatibility

ArriLMB 4x5YES with 138mm Rear Stage
Bright TangerineKickYes with ONE Tray
Bright TangerineVIVNO
Bright TangerineMisfit Atom + PolaYES
YES with Bright Tangerine ONE Tray
YES with 138mm Stage
Wooden Camera
UMB-1YES with 138mm Stage
Wooden Camera
Zip Box ProYES with 4.5" Circular Polarizer
Chrosziel400 SeriesYES with 138mm Stage

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