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Edward McClung
Earl The Genny Op

I purchased several batches of these PA Tears and the salt content was not what I was expecting. If you've ever made a PA cry on set and tasted their tears you'll know where I'm coming from.
Crying locations PAs a silent lock-up does not make.
Honestly though, using this filter yields dramatically better results than carefully smearing the lens with Vaseline.

Neil Watson
Subtle and sublime

Fantastic filter that accents and blooms lights as well as skin tones in color lights. Especially beautiful at night

PA Tears: Emotion Captured

The secret of PA Tears is the source. Emotion is difficult to communicate and capture in your images. Nowhere is the entire spectrum of emotion so distilled than in the Production Assistant. This invaluable member of any film crew is excited, hopeful, cheerful but ultimately fragile. This fragile state often leads to tears if the PA is not treated carefully.


PA is a modern diffusion filter designed to give a decrease in contrast, halation to light sources, and clean bright organic look to your images. This silver mist filter will have similar effect to your images found in popular white mist or pearlescent filters but with a less pronounced glow.


PA Tears mixes well with multiple lighting setups to create instant slightly dreamy atmosphere and depth to your scene without appearing like a 1970's music video.


Each filter is carefully crafted with real PA Tears evaporated into a mist resulting in a magical silver sheen. The vapor is bonded inside the Schott B270 ultra clear glass and polished to precision.

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Sage Seb

27 Notch

PA Tears creates some nice contrast particularly in in the highlights. It’s almost like a “cool” pro-mist. It is absorbing the blues in a very rich texture. Halation is pretty strong so it is definitily more on the dreamy side which I dig.

Brandon Habuda


Beyond the name I have found PA Tears compares reasonably well to Glimmer Glass 1 with a lot of blooming of the mid tones and highlights and a mild lowering of contrast. It is a fairly strong effect but a pleasing one. It has a neutral to cool in tone.

I like that it only has one strength because it makes it simple and easy to decide if I want to use it or not on a given project. I don't have to experiment with different strengths it's just one optimized strength that is neither too much nor too little of an effect.

By comparison Scarf Dust is much more subtle and warming like the kiss of late afternoon sun where PA Tears is colder and more silvery with a type of bloom that reminds me of what it looks like when your tears cloud your eyes after the 2nd AD tells you to mop the floors on your 14th hour.

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