4x5.65/138mm Variable ND Kit

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Variable ND: Kit A - Rota Tray + 4x5.65 Linear Pol MC
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Carlos L
So good I got two!!

I took a chance on this combo the first time based off of a review of someone else. Simply rotate the circular filter to your needs. When I got a chance to get a second camera there was no question what I was going to get. The quality of the glass they use is excellent. I have had my first one for almost a year of use for 4-5 days a week with no issues. As another reviewer stated, you cannot tell the difference of footage with and without the filters. That is a good thing as you do not have to deal with any color shifting that happens with a lot of other filters. Again, a very well made product that you can trust and when I got another camera there was no doubt as far as getting another set of these.

Highest Quality Variable ND System I've Ever Used

I've gone through many variable ND systems throughout my career and I've always tried not to use them due to color shifting and strange artifacts. When I discovered the Revar Cine Variable ND system, I opted to buy the Kit B since I own matte boxes with a rotatable 138mm stage. The glass of the Revar Cine filters is of such high quality that I can't tell any difference in the images shot with the Revar and without the Revar filters, even when using the extreme light reducing capabilities of the system. When you hold the filters in your had you just can feel its made with the most premium glass. I'm so happy with the quality of the Revar Cine system that I'm using it on nearly every one of my jobs. Its one of the best investments I've ever made.

Nick Perkiss
Ideal VND

Well constructed and high quality glass! The Rita tray works perfectly and gearing is perfect for small changes.

nick czerula
You need this rotapola

Been using the Revar Cine for some time now and can't say enough good things about the build. The construction quality of the tray is one that will hold up on professional sets for years and the glass does it exactly what it should, with NO (noticeable) color-shift. Couldn't recommend it more.

Geoff Heith
Great design and so fast!

I do the majority of my work in Tourism and outside. Having a variable ND is par for course. When I saw this set up I knew it would be a perfect solution for my matte box, no more screwing on filters, step up and step down rings. Just slide it in a you're ready to go!

Variable Neutral Density: Control The Light

2-8 Stops of Neutral Density

Instantly dial in from 2-8 stops of neutral density

Matched Polarizers

We hand match each polarizer to avoid color shift common in other VND filters

Most Neutral Matte Box Solution

We manufacture the most neutral color variable ND available for matte boxes

Extra Large Filter

138mm filter allows for use of wide angle lenses for maximum compatibility

The Revar Cine Variable ND  builds on our popular Rota Tray to give you a 2-8 stop truly neutral variable density solution. Perfect for situations where standard ND filters are too slow to change or not possible. Available in multiple configurations, these two filter solutions enable fast changes from VND to Polarizer for maximum flexibility on set.

Kit A - Rota Tray + 4x5.65

This kit takes up two of your 4x5.65 matte box trays. Using our rectangular 4x5.65 polarizer in your existing 4x5.65 tray, and our Rota Tray 138mm geared circular rotating polarizer that comes housed in a 4x5.65 width tray.

The rectangular filter remains fixed in place, and by adjusting the 138mm filter with our built-in dual gear design you are able to adjust between 2 and 8 stops of light loss.

Kit B - 138mm + 4x5.65

Our latest solution for those working with smaller matte boxes like the Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Pola +, or for those using matte boxes where the 4x5.65 stages are already used up with filtration/ tray mounted diopters, making use of the spare 138mm tray in the rear.

Kit B can also be used with the new Bright Tangerine 2-stage ONE Tray as well as popular Arri LMB and MB with 4x5.65 and 138mm trays.

Optimized for lighter matte boxes, this kit is a perfect solution for Steadicam and gimbal work.Placing the 138mm Circular Polarizer in the rear donut or 138mm rotating filter holder of the matte box, and the rectangular 4x5.65 filter in front, simply rotate the 138mm filter for a variable neutral density effect between 2-8 stops.

Kit C - ONE Tray

Kit C includes everything in Kit B plus the Bright Tangerine ONE Tray which is a single filter tray that takes 2 stages of your matte box at once.Placing the 138mm Circular Polarizer in the rear rotating stage of the ONE Tray and the rectangular 4x5.65 filter in front, simply rotate the 138mm filter for a variable neutral density effect between 2-8 stops.

Kit Z - 4.5" for Zipbox Pro

Designed specifically for the Wooden Camera Zipbox Pro, simply use the 4.5" rotating stage in the rear combined with the 4x5.65 rectangular polarizer in front.

Simply rotate the 4.5" filter for a variable neutral density effect between 2-8 stops.

Go Slim

Use our 2mm Linear Pol MC to shave 1/2 the weight. Perfect for the Bright Tangerine Misfit+Pola with no tray or use the Formatt Firecrest Superslim 2mm Tray for standard matte boxes.

Boost Your Base

Make the most of limited matte box space and increase your Vari ND strength by using the Revar Cine Slim Linear Pola and your choice of Formatt Firecrest Superslim ND to increase the base of your Vari ND setup.
On brighter days, put your exposure in the sweet spot of the Vari ND: Your 2-8 stop ND can become a 4-10 stops or 6-12 stops ND for example, with no extra matte box space needed, simply by adding a Superslim ND in combination with the Superslim Linear Pola; one half of our Vari ND kit.

Independent Review

Machado Visuals has created a nice video showing the features and performance of the Revar Cine Variable ND solution.

Matte Box Compatibility

ManufacturerModelCompatibilityRecommended Kit
ArriLMB 4x5YESKit A
Bright TangerineKickYESKit A, B or C
Bright TangerineVIVNO
Bright TangerineMisfit Atom + PolaYES
Kit B
Kit A
NO - Non-standard tray width
Wooden Camera
Wooden Camera
Zip Box ProYES* - 4.5" Rear Stage RequiredKit Z
Chrosziel400 SeriesYESKit A

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