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Cinema Filter Resurfacing Repair

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Filter Resurfacing Repair

Remove scratches and surface digs on glass cinema filters. If you have glass filters  with scratches or small pits on the surface of the glass, we can polish them back to manufacturer specifications. Available for 4x5.65" and 6.6x6.6" size filters. Send them in to save you the expense of buying a new filter. 

Service Details

  • Sizes Available
    • 6.6x6.6"
    • 4x5.65"
  • Remove surface scratches or small pits
    • We polish 4mm standard cinema filters down to 3.5mm to remove surface damage
    • Works in standard filter tray after service
    • Custom engraving available. We can add your name or business name to the filters after resurfacing


    Our technicians are experts in the motion picture filter handling process. We use the finest quality medium for polishing that is designed specifically for bonded glass to minimize damage*. After resurfacing, the filters are checked for manufacturer spec flatness and engraved with the original information. We can engrave your name, company name, or asset ID to the filter at no extra charge.

    How It Works

    • Buy the service via checkout here
    • Send us the filter(s)
    • We send it in for polishing once we get 15-20 filters from other customers
    • 6 to 14 weeks standard processing time (4 weeks with 15-20 filters sent in together)



    Resurfacing existing filters is a risky operation and can result in fracture, damage, or destruction of the filter. We have a very low damage rate however the risk is assumed by the buyer. We will refund the cost of the service if a filter is damaged in the resurfacing process.